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Be a champion

We know Scotland is one of the best conference and meeting venues in the world. That’s why we want to spread the word – and why we need the help of Corporate Champions. They’re people respected for their professional achievements, and passionate about supporting Scotland’s business network. People who attend events. People who want to see those events come to Scotland in future.

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What is a Champion?

You don’t have to be a Board director to be a champion.  Maybe you attend company meetings outside Scotland – could one be held in Scotland for a change? Can you put Scotland forward as a possible location?

Perhaps you’re a member of a professional organisation which meets regularly, or you want to showcase your project or centre of excellence to an international audience? Maybe you’re thinking of a new event that’s important for your company or industry communication, a launch or showcase?

If so, Think Scotland, Think Conference…  We have what it takes to create a great conference or event and if you know that, you’re a champion already. You just need to start telling other people about it!

Why should I become a champion?

Recommending Scotland as a conference or event location is good for the country’s economy. It brings in new business and new opportunities. But it doesn’t only offer benefits to Scotland. It offers benefits to you, too.

A more prominent profile
You’ll be better known within your global industry and recognised as an influencer in your field.

A wider audience
Connect with international peers and colleagues and develop new relationships as a result.

A chance to promote speciality projects
Get your colleagues together to support a project or product that deserves a wider audience.

A stronger business base
By showing off what Scotland has to offer, you help grow our business base. That’s good news for the Scottish economy, and for every business operating here.

How do I become a champion?

There’s no induction ceremony; simply think about the events you attend. Could they come to Scotland just as easily? Pull together some basic details, like numbers, duration, format, time of year and the usual location. Then have a chat with us. Whether you want to put together the outline of a full event and get involved, or just start the ball rolling and hand over to experts, we’re here to help.

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